Wednesday Evening Bible Class (Video + Questions)- March 25th

Wednesday Evening Bible Class (Video + Questions)- March 25th

Luke 8 lesson guide

The video format is as follows:



Review of Luke 7

Reading Luke 8:1-15 (Parable of the Sower)

Exploring the message

Question for discussion

Explore and Reading of Luke 8:16-56 (five stories and teachings of Jesus ministry*)

Questions for discussion

Closing prayer


The key concept we will be looking at is “Secrets of the kingdom of God” that Jesus reveals by His life, His miracles and His teachings.

The questions for Luke 8:1-15 are these:

1. What secrets of the kingdom does Jesus reveal to us in Luke 7 and 8:1-15?

2. How did Jesus say that those who hear the message of the kingdom (the word) would respond? (hint: four different ways).

The questions for Luke 8:16-56 are these:

1. How do the teachings and miracles of Jesus reveal the secrets of the kingdom of God and what do they reveal?

2. How am I responding to the message of the kingdom of God today in my life?


Lesson guidance for discussing this together: Make sure everyone has a Bible and follows along. Also, after the review of Luke 7 (which I flew through) you may want to pause and read it together just so you catch the several secrets of the kingdom within them that I so briefly mention.

*Also, the last five sections of Luke 8 are full of various events. Take you time, if you can, and consider each section, looking for kingdom secrets within.

The sections are as follows: 

1. Luke 8:16-18 (light exposes everything, we stand to gain or lose everything based on how we receive the word)

2. Luke 8:19-21 (Who is in the family of Jesus? And how did we get there)

3. Luke 8:22-25 (Who is this that can command the weather and it obeys him?)

4. Luke 8:26-39 (How does an army of demons react in the presence of Jesus? Why?)

5. Luke 8:40-56 (How does Jesus power over sickness and death reveal kingdom secrets and what are they?)