Sermons from August 2018

Sermons from August 2018

We’ve Got to Tell It!

There’s no such thing as a Christian that won’t share God’s word. The name Christian defines God’s people as Christ-like. Our job is to declare His praise and call for others to follow Jesus.

Dare to be a Daniel

Daniel, a young man of faith, gives us an amazing account of wise, faithful, God honoring noncompliance in this book by his name. Last week we talked about two other young men of faith: Josiah, who gave his life to reforming Judah and bringing them back to the Lord, and Jeremiah, who was called in his youth to speak God’s harsh words of judgment and plead for the people’s…

God’s Call to the Young

Mission song: Before our lesson this morning, let’s hear from some of our outreach group that went door to door yesterday: Josiah was coronated king of Judah when he was only eight years old.  Let’s set this up and see how this happened. Josiah’s father and grandfather had been wicked idol worshipping men.  What will Josiah do?  His grandfather, Manasseh, who was 12 years…