Sermon Archive (Page 23)

Sermon Archive (Page 23)

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Forgiveness & Fathering

1 Peter 4:1-19 (Read) What kind of people offer forgiveness to those who murder their family members? What motivates people to even consider forgiveness towards their enemies? Who has the influential power to cause this kind of response? Do we have that kind of faith? Do you? This week 21 year old Dylan Roof entered a Black African Methodist Episcopal Church and killed 9…

Faith And Love James’ Style

James has a lot to tell us about faith. His simple, straight forward message challenges us and instructs us in character building God’s way. This is a summary of some of the things James tells us as we prepare to enter chapter three.

Kingdom Attitudes

Matthew 5:1-5:12 Attitudes that Please God Someone has called Matthew 5:1-12 the “Be” attitudes of the Faith. What’s your attitude toward God? Jesus lists several attitudes here in the first part of the Sermon on the Mount that challenge us all. Actually, they show the way to spiritual maturity in 8 steps. Four are internal and preparational and four are external and…

The Gospel as God Gave it

What is it that really gets you going? What gets your emotions stirred and fills you with a fight or flight mode so that you MUST do something? If you saw someone you love about to be injured or killed would you not warn them? Would you not take immediate action or cry out to them to help them? And what if they didn’t listen to your warning… what if they were under the…